2015 : heal

It took me some time to figure out what i wanted to do this year. I’ve been very successful with my goals so far – mainly because I care about my goals .

2013 was the year I decided to get Singaporeans to stop being so negative. 2014 was the year I decided to make travelling around the world possible. 2015 will be the year I decide to solve more problems ; to heal .

I’ve always had a life goal – a larger vision for life. Pong, my Strengths Coach and one of my mentors , made it into a picture once and I’ve always used it.

7103457_origI want to solve problems and create beautiful things.

It’s always been that simple. I care about how people perceive, engage and follow up with products, and in that way I want to make things beautiful. More importantly though, I’ve believed in purpose – in having a reason to live. For me, that’s to solve problems , specifically with society.

I think I have done a bit in creating beautiful things; it’s time to focus on solving problems. It’s time to go back to what burdens I’m willing to carry , and to decide to do something courageous for each one of them.

2015 is the year I try to facilitate healing – and healing has to begin at home. I’m aiming to figure out ways to make aspects of my life better as well, be it dropping bad habits or fixing things that were broken. That gives a good foundation for turning my soul outwards to others.

It’ll be an interesting year.