13 ways to be awesome; and a confession

I’ll start with the quotes.

In this world, hopefully you’ve come to realise by now, exists a myriad of people. It’s difficult to reduce them , but there does exist a spectrum of good and bad. There are some truly abhorrent people, and we must learn to love them, and then there are some truly awesome people and we must learn to emulate them. People do hurt, people do kill ; but people also inspire and people also lead.

I’ve striven to achieve some form of personal success in understanding what it takes to live a fulfilling life – whether it be through religion, personal definition or even absolution.Through a mix of adventure living (living in the now) and consistent reflection , I’ve been able to slowly piece together eternal truths . It’s that process of discovery that has led me to appreciate the salient wisdom shared by some of the greatest minds around. Here are some of my favorite quotes.

“Above all, I have been a sentient being, a thinking animal, on this beautiful planet, and that in itself has been an enormous privilege and adventure.”

– Oliver Sacks.

Oliver Sacks is a dying man, yet he seems to understand so much about more life than anyone else


Everyone sees what you appear to be, few experience what you really are.

–  Niccolò Machiavelli, The Prince

The truth is, that while The Prince is highly controversial, it understands the human nature. The key to navigating social environments is to reveal just enough to build trust, but to guard your heart always.

Play with 5 cards, keep 10 under your sleeve.

“Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.”
– Aristotle

If you think about it, love has been one of the most eternal concepts known to man, probably after life and death. Even Aristotle struggled to understand it. I think I don’t fully understand love yet, but I definitely am letting myself be hurt a lot more just so that I can find how it originates, how it develops and how it consummates. I don’t mind rejection, I’ve been rejected a lot more in my lifetime – but I can’t deal with not trying. Love is what keeps the world together – it is what drives the inner insanity of the human soul.


“My life is my message”

– Mahatma Gandhi

Why do we watch movies, read books and follow celebrities? We’re deeply enthralled by the stories that are central to them. In the same way, if we were  to pass, we have to tell a story too. It doesn’t have to be a perfect story , it can be full of mistakes and funny incidents , but did you tell a story at all? Did you live a message? What are you alive for?

“Mistakes are the portal of discovery”

– James Joyce.

Simple : I believe in risk and reward. There are treasures about yourself and the world waiting to be discovered only by those who decided to risk making a mistake and do. Doers will always move forward. Dreamers never die, your mistake may cost you an arm and a leg, but the world will be your after.






#77breaths – the challenge to lose your breath




i was talking to a friend recently about my current state of mind. i was sharing how I was incredibly happy – my social, physical, mental and academic life were going really well and I felt comfortable. and i also shared how i remembered when feelings like these didn’t come too often – when i actually struggled to find any meaning in life and when i was confronted with depressing moments. moments like these , where you cherish what’s going well with your life ; when you’re grateful for what you have – help keep you going in the tougher times.

this may sound too meta for some – but you have to be willing to enjoy life to actually enjoy it. even moments of sadness then become completely integrated into the human experience – you become okay with disappointment and loss; not to  the point where you don’t feel anything but where you can grieve successfully and move on.

i know there’s a hashtag that has made its rounds called #100happydays that teaches the people who subscribe to it’s plan to cherish small  happy moments for a span of a 100 days. i love that- i didn’t subscribe to it merely because i felt i was doing it already and didn’t need to add another hashtag onto it. but i also pondered on how this affected people.

and then i pondered some more (and that’s probably where you realise my ideas get crazy) and i decided that being happy with what you have is good for most people , but definitely not enough for me. you see one of my core competencies (and struggles) is the ability to never be completely satisfied. it seems to contradict what i’ve said so far , but listen – one can be happy with the way things are but always ask himself , is this it? maybe i’m weird like that- but that sense of discovery has brought me to adventures only imaginable by most people.

so i’ve decided to start a new adventure for myself. being in a college setting away from any sense of irregularity doesn’t mean you can’t add adventure back into your life. i’ll admit i’ve gotten slightly bored especially in the past few days , but this series should put things back in perspective.

i call this series #77breaths . they say that there are moments in life where your breath is taken away – where you’re absolutely astounded by magnificence, beauty or ability. our goal, is to get our breaths taken away 77 days in a row


a lot of those who follow me on instagram know my addiction to storytelling and adventuring. and i’ve been asked many times for advice on what to see, how to put yourself out there and how to chase dreams sustainably. i would provide the following three (cos three is always a good number) guidelines to #77breaths to give yourself the best possible experience.

1) Say YES

Yes Man has many lessons to teach , but the most evident is to say Yes more. Let me quickly qualify by saying don’t put yourself in evident danger (ie overdose on drugs, commit a blatant crime etc.) but yes, say YES to things more. If you’re faced between option A and B, choose the option that you’re less likely to be able to experience again. Say YES to things – put yourself out there. You’ll almost definitely get hurt, lose things, be disappointed – but you’ll also be greatly rewarded with the treasures of life : wisdom, friendships and love.

2) If you’re not learning, you’re not doing it right

We are a collection of our experiences. Who we are today is a sum of the selves we used to be – a magnitude only achieved by accumulation of stories and ideas. the more we learn, the more we apply ourselves to our surroundings, and more importantly, open ourselves to be applied on. differences in cultures, upbringings and backgrounds teach us about humanity – they build empathy and also stretch our mind to accept new possibilities. always seek to learn from your adventures – it is one thing to be a thrill-seeker , it is something else to be an adventurer.

3) Remember to always love

it is a ruthless world out there. and we are given the option to be one with the world, or to be true to ourselves. in a world that rarely begets love in its closest form, we then have to bring love into the picture. love others, love stories, love quiet moments over drinks, love celebrations throughout the day, love music, art, theatre, film; even love yourself more. the true adventurer learns to love the unloveable – to appreciate that everything has a place in this world. that loss and suffering are part of the equation, but that same equations includes uncomparable joy and success.


it’s day 0 so we’ll start #77breaths tomorrow. I’ll be using Snapchat (rovikthebear) for ultra-short snaps, Instagram (@rovikthedreamer) for short-form stories and my blog for long-form stories. i’m excited.