the end of this blog.


I’ve always imagined life has some poetry to it and perhaps that’s why it’s fitting that my last post before this spoke about death and closure. I’ll make this post short because I’m sad to let this blog go but also excited to be launching two new blogs. I’ve realized that I want to tighten my message and make my posts more readable, both for my future self but also for those who do follow my content. I also recognize I’m at an interesting point in my life, where I am closing a huge chapter and making an intentional effort to move on to the next chapter. It’s more appropriate then, for me to modularize these experiences and refer back to them as necessary.

So here they are…

For my Travels and my thoughts on the wider theme of Wanderlust, join me at Wanderlust with Rovik –

For my continued thoughts on life, the universe and any short creative pieces I write, follow me at Magic in the Space Between

With that,

goodbye, dear blog and thanks for the memories.

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