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I had always suspected my blog had a readership that extended beyond my circle of friends. After all, every time I had posted something about Singapore or topics like youth and society, I would notice a sizable spike in my audience. I always took it for granted though, that these people were just interested in the dialogue I was trying to add to. Recently one of my blogposts received a comment from a reader, urging me to temper my idealism with evidence that I was actually acting on my thoughts. It was a fair comment , most of my new readers wouldn’t have context to the work I do. I’ve gone ahead and edited my About Me page for those who want to click into the links to see the work I’ve done with The Hidden Good.

Here’s my YouTube Channel —> Click

Here’s the Facebook Page —> Click

And if you want to read about what I’ve done, you can read some of these posts/articles:

  1. Vulcan Post’s Article
  2. We are Singapore’s Article 
  3. My Blogpost when I started The Hidden Good

If you have any inquiries or want to work together in some way (which always excites me) , send me an email at rovik@thehiddengood.com .

Hopefully this provides deeper context to the overall ecosystem I’m trying to facilitate – with both idealism in my blog and social media, and functional activism in the work I do offline.

Now that that’s done, let’s get back to real work.


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