how do you dance?

The dead leaves flew past him, the musky smell trailing behind. He was seated on a bench, the view of the lake behind him. Still. Peaceful. Painful.

He held the letter in his hands. They were clenched. Remembering brings out hurt. Why does he do it?

He stares out into the open. There’s a giant tree next to him now. He turns to look at it. His hands look so soft compared to the hard bark. These hands have seen war, he told himself. Yet they will never be as hard.

‘No, they won’t ‘ the tree told him.

He turns back to the open. He sees the birds fly above. They seem free.

‘No, we’re not’ the birds chirp back.

They probably aren’t, he thinks again. Freedom is difficult. Who is ever free?

He looks to the sky. ‘Are you there God?’ he asks.

‘Do you want me to be?’ a voice says back.

I guess so. Is it really up to us, he thinks. I could use some of you, and less of me, he decides.

He watches the ground. Death waits for me.

The ground gapes open. ‘Take your time’ it bellows.

I should, he says out loud. Why rush to the ground from where I came. I remember where I’m from, but I see no hurry.

He stands up, faces back into the open and walks to the horizon. While he does this , he sings. He sings his song that echoes into lifelessness, the song of the Nameless Man.


i’m on a mission, to name my name
i see the people who’ve played this game
the greats, the failures and everyone else
where would i stand, can i be myself?

how much must i toil, or must i toil at all
when the world is so strong, who i am to call
it a servant of mine, am i not a servant of it?
or do we all just coexist

we aim to be free, of shackles and people
yet no one i know was ever that simple
do we strive for freedom, is that the way
or do we strive for love, can that make us sway

God, high above, do you see us so feeble
do you carry us close, or do you let us just tremble
no matter the truth, reality’s simple
we choose who we are, and you become nimble

the truth is that there’s only one thing real
death waits at the door, ready to kill
we must and we should, we can make a difference
for with not much time, to live is to suffice.

i am a man, who must walk these streets
i am a man, but i will not sleep
hear me, oh people, hear me sing this song
it’s the song of the nameless man, all day long



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