dillo day;3000 friends;an epic turn of events

In my unusually involved life, I am rarely bored. But these past few weekends, and the weekend to come has and will be extravagantly exciting for me. Tomorrow is Dillo Day. The Day Northwestern becomes a State School; the Day where we become a community again; the Day where this school realises how fortunate they are . Joining Mayfest in the Fall was initially a dip into a pool I never expected to eventually delve so deep. There was so much to learn, so much to do, and such a great community of people to be around.

I am consistently excited by the level of skill and talent brought to Dillo Day by the people organising it, and even more thrilled by the fact that this festival is truly truly put together by the students. There’s very little work outsourced, and that makes Mayfest and the month of May such a joy. As is my philosophy, I put myself out there. I made friends, committed to tasks out of my purview to learn and indulge in the background of the festivities, and got dealt a dish so sweet I couldn’t stop digging in.

Today we had our pre-production, where as a crew we had to help set up everything. I was appointed the KeyMaster, a role extremely involved for a newcomer but so very intimate with the movements of the festival. I had earned the trust of the people around me, but more importantly I was able to do something meaningful for this event. I was able to be of value, and I was a wildcard – probably one of the few, if not only , international students on the board. Then again, I never allowed my background to disrupt who I am and what I am to offer , and I’m happy it was the case here again.

Tomorrow is going to be a rollercoaster. But as with every ride, you walk up wanting to get back again, and feel the ups and downs. I’m glad I made the friends I made here – some of my favorite people on campus are in Mayfest now, and I’m fortunate to meet the likes of them.

I hit 3000 friends on Facebook yesterday. I know only because Facebook sent me a notification, and I almost wanted to do a Facebook cleaning to remove the friends who were simply ‘fake’ friend requests. I went through my list and then realised I couldn’t find many people who I  didn’t actually know and have memories with. It’s an interesting moment then to realise you’ve truly reached a point in life, at such a young age, where you have a widespread network of friends and companions around the world, in almost every continent.

I value my friends and networks a lot. One could even say, it’s been one of my key strengths – relating to people. There’s just so much to add to one’s life by understanding someone else’s – no matter their background or ability. Their stories inspire your stories, and you share in the knowledge that life has a common message for everyone – You are breathing now, so live.

To the people that have made my days and nights spectacular – thank you.

After this quarter, I’m finally ready to start making moves on the Big Idea. I’ve decided to spend as much time in Summer upgrading myself again, and learning new skills and building new relations.  Something epic will come soon. I promise.

stay excited everyone.




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