if i was a communications major

As of 3 years ago, I discovered my passion in marketing and communication work. It was YouTube at first, and then slowly event planning and then finally brand management and advocacy.

Yet as much as I continued and developed myself in the field of communications, I still never majored in it, nor sought to formally educate myself in the field. Perhaps it’s due to a larger philosophy that I subscribe to, or even because the area of communications that I ultimately want to be in doesn’t formally exist yet but the truth is that it’s honestly a combination of various factors.

Firstly, I’ve always believed myself to be a maverick. I refuse to accept the norms as granted ; there has to be an evaluative process at every iteration questioning the decisions made. In the same way, indoctrination of a set curriculum becomes the greatest enemy to the mind. GroupThink sets in subtly even if not actively encouraged. Industry norms, Networks and Best Practices become jargon that are easily assimilated as cultural values. I don’t want that. I want my work in the field of communications to be effective, powerful and influential. I prefer to gain knowledge from mentors, whose honest advice can be critically discussed and the essence of knowledge can be squeezed out of. I prefer the School of Hard Knocks – environments that teach you through reality.The same philosophy applies probably across different fields of study, with the exception of most technical fields. Technical fields depend on the learning of knowledge, of understanding things that could perhaps be best described as static in the larger scheme of things. That’s why I’m comfortable learning Computer Science – it’s so knowledge driven , the possibility for GroupThink is only at the very top , where thought is abstract and less nimble. I’m not in any way devaluing the work Comm. Studies major put in however – I just don’t think I fit in that well there.

I’m not sure what it is yet, but I also want to be working at the frontiers of the field I pursue. This world is growing so much in the amount of knowledge available, and in order to truly work on  making it bigger, not only must one appreciate the vast amount of information currently available but understand how to use it intelligently to push forward the next leap in knowledge. I’m not comfortable working in the present. In fact, as per my character trait, I live in the future. Computer Science to me, as do other future-oriented skills, represents the ability to leap into the future. Understanding how it works lets me jump to the frontier and apply my principles of communication and influence to do more good in this society.

It’s a very weird place to be, I agree. It’s just that with the number of people who in recent days have been encouraging me to consider pursuing a major in communication, I had to strongly consider the whys and whats of how I make my decisions. We live in a world that only understands volatility as a fact of life. The master then is not one who learns how to stay afloat, but the one who learns to ride the waves.

Let the waves come then, hard and strong or meek and little. I will ride them, and I will ride them like a rockstar.



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