death on campus

“I never realised how blue those sirens were” Tony said, looking at Jimmy.

“Yeah, I never thought I’d see the day when someone actually pressed one of those buttons. I mean I was actually curious but this kind of sucks.” Jimmy replied.

“Yeah, whoever did this is a sick bastard. I mean look at the way his body is placed. It’s almost like the headless horseman, you know with his head under his arms and all” Tony said, still slurping out of his Starbucks frappucino.

“I get it. You don’t have to be so damn descriptive, I’m seeing what you’re seeing.”  Jimmy remarked, and turned his head away from the body.

“Do we still need to call the police? The siren should have settled it right?” Tony asked.

“Ya, I think we’re good. I need to catch up on my Hearthstone anyway. ”

As the pair walked away, they saw out of the corner of their eyes police cars pulling up on the side of the residence hall.

“We should really get out of here. I don’t want to waste time being questioned”

The boys ran off , just as the police stepped out.

“God, a murder. That’s a first. ” one of the cops said, walking over to the body.

“And a gruesome one at that. He chopped off his damn head.” another pointed out.

“Thanks Captain Obvious. Lucky us , getting this on our shift. Think of the amount of paperwork we have to do now. Who is this fucking kid anyway?” the first cop said, squatting and turning digging into the boy’s wallet.

The second cop went over to turn off the siren. “This camera should be able to tell us who did it too. Let me get the footage for this . Our killer obviously didn’t think through this too much.”

“Fuck” the first cop shouted.

“What? What’s wrong?”

“This fucktard doesn’t go here. He’s a DePaul kid. ”

“Ah fuck us. This is going to make things so much more difficult for us.”


The cops stood up and stared at the body for a while longer.

“Alright, I’ll call the Evanston PD. You’ll get on the camera footage then?”

“Ya I’ll do that.” he said

The cops cordoned off the area and started making the necessary arrangements. The usual procedures occurred – the media swooped in, crowds started forming around the body, and people started sending Snapchats to their friends.

Campus the next day was rife with all kinds of gossip and smalltalk. Yik Yak had people exaggerating every detail. Perhaps the most interesting turn of events was at 2 in the afternoon , when a definitive Yak was posted.

Don’t get too comfortable Wildcats – it’s just the start . – True Wildcat.

It didn’t take too long for all kinds of responses to accumulate.

“This could be a poser” someone had replied.

“If you’re the killer, please know we can still help you. Just turn yourself in” another said.

The President sent an email out within the hour promising to find the killer and encouraging students to be safe. “Be careful, but keep going to classes” was the abridged version of the email.

Everyone was talking about what had just happened, except for Will. Will, built short and stubby with a hairstyle that was a bad attempt at Justin Bieber’s early days, had been sitting in his room the whole afternoon. He had brushed his teeth and eaten an apple before, but other than that , all Will had done was sit on his bed and twiddle his thumbs.

He had paused the twiddling of his thumbs every once in a while, to observe a very particular item. “It’ll still be there , why am I so scared?” he said calming himself down.

Finally, he walked over and picked the item up. “I’ll throw this into the lake” he said. “Away from Chicago, because the police are probably expecting something to be thrown.”

He looked at the butcher’s chopper in his hands.

“I’m sorry buddy.” he said, and kissed the chopper.

“I’m just glad Brian had to die.”

—-To be Continued—





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