she colored me purple

Welcome to Vita. We exist for a very special reason. We exist to add color back into your life.

Ask yourself this question now – what do you think you lack in your life? Love? How about energy? Some of you may say happiness even. We have the capabilities to restore them for you.

Yes, we used the term “restore”. Our philosophy has been that the waking man breathes his first whiff of life in its entirety. It’s a concoction of all sorts of forces and emotion. Yet, as we are exposed to the struggles of this world, we lose our ability to see the world through the same lens. We become immune to some of the flavors of life. We forgot what life was meant to be experienced like.

Here at Vita, we treat this the same way you would treat myopia. Your eyes don’t see things the same way, and so we add lenses that can correct your vision for you. We can’t tell you how – that’s a trade secret – but trust that our lenses have been rigorously tested to add as much back to your life as possible.

“Life mostly seemed gray and monotonous at first. I had lost the ability to see opportunities and found the seconds passing to be a dreary undertaking burdened upon my soul. Yet, here I stand now, seeing life brimming with opportunity and I am compelled to make the most out of them” said one of our customers, Gregory Mann.

All you have to do is visit our outlet at the end of Trinity Lane. We’re a boutique outfit, and are currently open only to friends and family of our compatriots in the War of Words. We recognize that they have been the most affected , especially from the fallout of the last battle on Standings. The password is shared only with these beloved few.



“Run away, do not trust Vita. They’re here to take over your lives. They take advantage of your sense of lack and ….”


We apologise for the interruption. We seem to be experiencing technical difficulties…


“The only person that needs to change how you see the world is you. You are strong enough”


We are extremely sorry. We will now have to cancel this broadcast. Please wait in front of the screen as we initiate our memory wiping procedure for your own benefit.




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