the reason for brotherhood



“This will probably be one of the moments in life you’ll remember forever”

I’ve heard that phrase a few times. When I entered the military, when I organised Singapore’s largest improv flashmob, even when I was in the hospital hallway as my baby sister was born. Yesterday another experience was added to that list.

I got fully initiated into Lambda Chi Alpha, and become a brother in the fraternity. It’s slightly surreal, and while I can’t talk about the events that formed the core of the initiation process (these are secrets we hold) , I am in no way doubtful that this is one of the decisions I will always be grateful I made.

Brotherhood and the notion of lifelong friendships are crucial to me. I am a believer in loyalty, and I have learnt to surround yourself with people who you can be loyal to , and expect loyalty back in return. It’s been a very common thread that my friends have observed in my life and I am proud to keep.

Coming to college in the United States presented one of my biggest challenges in adaptation. Not only was this environment completely different from the Asian-based system I thrived in , in Singapore, but I also came with almost no friends. I had also known everything about fraternities from movies and other popular media. Parties, Alcohol, Girls and Debauchery – that was what I thought fraternities were.

Yet, as soon as I started putting myself into situations where I could meet more people, I became naturally drawn to Greek life. The point of a Fraternity was essentially to build a social organisation , and me being a social creature, could not resist the idea of being able to expand my social circle. I realised soon though, that I had chanced upon something a lot more precious at Lambda Chi. I had chanced upon true brotherhood, not the kind put up on display as a front for guys just wanting to throw down hard, but a group of brothers who genuinely invested in each other and into the house that we stood in.

That sealed the deal for me. I wasn’t going to join a fraternity simply because it gave me access to a good time ; I was going to join a fraternity, specifically Lambda Chi , because I knew I wanted to spend my next years in college with these guys by my side. As I continued to rush, and then subsequently underwent Education, I was recurringly reassured that I had made a great decision.

Brothers stood up for each other ; brothers went out of the way for each other; brothers made incredible stories that broke into the dawn of day with each other. I was living an incredible life, and that’s not a hyperbole.

When it came time to initiate, I was fully assured that this was decision that would define my college experience to a large level. When applied, I know I’m a force – and I was ready to apply myself to this organisation.

The journey is far from over. But I’m here now, and I’m so very happy at this point in time. I’ll remember this , another moment in time where I’ve experienced bliss.

Life is a tiring journey, but with the help of a few friends we can finish it heads held high.



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