death on campus

“I never realised how blue those sirens were” Tony said, looking at Jimmy.

“Yeah, I never thought I’d see the day when someone actually pressed one of those buttons. I mean I was actually curious but this kind of sucks.” Jimmy replied.

“Yeah, whoever did this is a sick bastard. I mean look at the way his body is placed. It’s almost like the headless horseman, you know with his head under his arms and all” Tony said, still slurping out of his Starbucks frappucino.

“I get it. You don’t have to be so damn descriptive, I’m seeing what you’re seeing.”  Jimmy remarked, and turned his head away from the body.

“Do we still need to call the police? The siren should have settled it right?” Tony asked.

“Ya, I think we’re good. I need to catch up on my Hearthstone anyway. ”

As the pair walked away, they saw out of the corner of their eyes police cars pulling up on the side of the residence hall.

“We should really get out of here. I don’t want to waste time being questioned”

The boys ran off , just as the police stepped out.

“God, a murder. That’s a first. ” one of the cops said, walking over to the body.

“And a gruesome one at that. He chopped off his damn head.” another pointed out.

“Thanks Captain Obvious. Lucky us , getting this on our shift. Think of the amount of paperwork we have to do now. Who is this fucking kid anyway?” the first cop said, squatting and turning digging into the boy’s wallet.

The second cop went over to turn off the siren. “This camera should be able to tell us who did it too. Let me get the footage for this . Our killer obviously didn’t think through this too much.”

“Fuck” the first cop shouted.

“What? What’s wrong?”

“This fucktard doesn’t go here. He’s a DePaul kid. ”

“Ah fuck us. This is going to make things so much more difficult for us.”


The cops stood up and stared at the body for a while longer.

“Alright, I’ll call the Evanston PD. You’ll get on the camera footage then?”

“Ya I’ll do that.” he said

The cops cordoned off the area and started making the necessary arrangements. The usual procedures occurred – the media swooped in, crowds started forming around the body, and people started sending Snapchats to their friends.

Campus the next day was rife with all kinds of gossip and smalltalk. Yik Yak had people exaggerating every detail. Perhaps the most interesting turn of events was at 2 in the afternoon , when a definitive Yak was posted.

Don’t get too comfortable Wildcats – it’s just the start . – True Wildcat.

It didn’t take too long for all kinds of responses to accumulate.

“This could be a poser” someone had replied.

“If you’re the killer, please know we can still help you. Just turn yourself in” another said.

The President sent an email out within the hour promising to find the killer and encouraging students to be safe. “Be careful, but keep going to classes” was the abridged version of the email.

Everyone was talking about what had just happened, except for Will. Will, built short and stubby with a hairstyle that was a bad attempt at Justin Bieber’s early days, had been sitting in his room the whole afternoon. He had brushed his teeth and eaten an apple before, but other than that , all Will had done was sit on his bed and twiddle his thumbs.

He had paused the twiddling of his thumbs every once in a while, to observe a very particular item. “It’ll still be there , why am I so scared?” he said calming himself down.

Finally, he walked over and picked the item up. “I’ll throw this into the lake” he said. “Away from Chicago, because the police are probably expecting something to be thrown.”

He looked at the butcher’s chopper in his hands.

“I’m sorry buddy.” he said, and kissed the chopper.

“I’m just glad Brian had to die.”

—-To be Continued—





feel the burn

When I was 14, my class tutor wrote in his comments of me in my report book:  “Wherever Rovik goes, people will definitely feel the wake of his crossing” . Looking back , at 14 , I hadn’t made as many big decisions as I was making right now. Yet, someone had seen something in me.

That phrase stuck in my head ever since. It didn’t bloat my ego as much as it made me think whether I was limiting myself by thinking small. I increased my appetite slowly over time and now I am here, hungry for so much more.

It starts as a slow burn , a determination that builds on itself. One day, it explodes and you’re a burning entity , bright and ferocious. I used to think that this was one of my strongest qualities, and it probably still is. But I’m starting to feel the side-effects.

The problem with burning is that the fire within is the strongest. The flames on the outside may be the brightest but it’s the core temperature right at the center of the flame that is at its peak. It has to be, because that is where most of the flame’s luster is derived from. In the same way, my soul has to be where most of my energy comes from. Yet, no human person is able to handle the slow burn of the flame core for too long. Like anything that burns, it slowly reduces till there’s nothing left.

Do I feel tired every night? Perhaps,  but I feel a lot more satisfied with my life. Exhausted? More than I’d like to be. But always , always in the full bliss of life.

I feel like a race-car , speeding through life. People say “Slow down and smell the roses” – I say “I’m smelling 10 roses a second”. A part of me worries that if I slow down, I have to face the burden of the journey I’ve made. Everything comes at a cost, and I’ve been paying off these costs by leveraging them for more returns. When I finally do stop though (or perhaps the bigger question is Will I ever stop) , I’ll have to face it.

I’ll have to face that people have let me down, and I’ve let others down. I’ll have to face that I’ve not been a completely good person and fell so many times. I’ll have to face that my journey may not achieve my life’s only ambition – to tell the best possible story.

But rather than worry about these problems, I simply try to be aware of them. I simply try to feed my soul, keeping it robust and healthy ; ready to keep on burning and rejuvenating the flame. I chose this life – I chose to drive the front seat of life rather sit in the passenger seat. I will not be knocked down , I will prevail.

because this life is all about the decisions you make and the choices you take. and i’m not going to let regret be on the list of things i achieve with my life



If something burns your soul with purpose and desire, it’s your duty to be reduced to ashes by it. Any other form of existence will be yet another dull book in the library of life.” – Charles Bukowski

she colored me purple

Welcome to Vita. We exist for a very special reason. We exist to add color back into your life.

Ask yourself this question now – what do you think you lack in your life? Love? How about energy? Some of you may say happiness even. We have the capabilities to restore them for you.

Yes, we used the term “restore”. Our philosophy has been that the waking man breathes his first whiff of life in its entirety. It’s a concoction of all sorts of forces and emotion. Yet, as we are exposed to the struggles of this world, we lose our ability to see the world through the same lens. We become immune to some of the flavors of life. We forgot what life was meant to be experienced like.

Here at Vita, we treat this the same way you would treat myopia. Your eyes don’t see things the same way, and so we add lenses that can correct your vision for you. We can’t tell you how – that’s a trade secret – but trust that our lenses have been rigorously tested to add as much back to your life as possible.

“Life mostly seemed gray and monotonous at first. I had lost the ability to see opportunities and found the seconds passing to be a dreary undertaking burdened upon my soul. Yet, here I stand now, seeing life brimming with opportunity and I am compelled to make the most out of them” said one of our customers, Gregory Mann.

All you have to do is visit our outlet at the end of Trinity Lane. We’re a boutique outfit, and are currently open only to friends and family of our compatriots in the War of Words. We recognize that they have been the most affected , especially from the fallout of the last battle on Standings. The password is shared only with these beloved few.



“Run away, do not trust Vita. They’re here to take over your lives. They take advantage of your sense of lack and ….”


We apologise for the interruption. We seem to be experiencing technical difficulties…


“The only person that needs to change how you see the world is you. You are strong enough”


We are extremely sorry. We will now have to cancel this broadcast. Please wait in front of the screen as we initiate our memory wiping procedure for your own benefit.



the reason for brotherhood



“This will probably be one of the moments in life you’ll remember forever”

I’ve heard that phrase a few times. When I entered the military, when I organised Singapore’s largest improv flashmob, even when I was in the hospital hallway as my baby sister was born. Yesterday another experience was added to that list.

I got fully initiated into Lambda Chi Alpha, and become a brother in the fraternity. It’s slightly surreal, and while I can’t talk about the events that formed the core of the initiation process (these are secrets we hold) , I am in no way doubtful that this is one of the decisions I will always be grateful I made.

Brotherhood and the notion of lifelong friendships are crucial to me. I am a believer in loyalty, and I have learnt to surround yourself with people who you can be loyal to , and expect loyalty back in return. It’s been a very common thread that my friends have observed in my life and I am proud to keep.

Coming to college in the United States presented one of my biggest challenges in adaptation. Not only was this environment completely different from the Asian-based system I thrived in , in Singapore, but I also came with almost no friends. I had also known everything about fraternities from movies and other popular media. Parties, Alcohol, Girls and Debauchery – that was what I thought fraternities were.

Yet, as soon as I started putting myself into situations where I could meet more people, I became naturally drawn to Greek life. The point of a Fraternity was essentially to build a social organisation , and me being a social creature, could not resist the idea of being able to expand my social circle. I realised soon though, that I had chanced upon something a lot more precious at Lambda Chi. I had chanced upon true brotherhood, not the kind put up on display as a front for guys just wanting to throw down hard, but a group of brothers who genuinely invested in each other and into the house that we stood in.

That sealed the deal for me. I wasn’t going to join a fraternity simply because it gave me access to a good time ; I was going to join a fraternity, specifically Lambda Chi , because I knew I wanted to spend my next years in college with these guys by my side. As I continued to rush, and then subsequently underwent Education, I was recurringly reassured that I had made a great decision.

Brothers stood up for each other ; brothers went out of the way for each other; brothers made incredible stories that broke into the dawn of day with each other. I was living an incredible life, and that’s not a hyperbole.

When it came time to initiate, I was fully assured that this was decision that would define my college experience to a large level. When applied, I know I’m a force – and I was ready to apply myself to this organisation.

The journey is far from over. But I’m here now, and I’m so very happy at this point in time. I’ll remember this , another moment in time where I’ve experienced bliss.

Life is a tiring journey, but with the help of a few friends we can finish it heads held high.