so let the hallowed souls sing

My favorite kind of movie was always the one where there was a troubled hero, who then , through some sort of trial and tribulation, discovered his purpose in life and decided to pursue it.  I refused to develop a hero complex, but at the same time I was drawn to the idea of being a hero.

I remember as a kid playing Final Fantasy:Crisis Core – the prequel to Final Fantasy 7, and being completely involved in not just the gameplay but  the storyline as well. There was a lot of talk of what it took to be a hero, and a difficult questioning of the motives of people. It is true that it’s a lot easier to embrace our carnality and move in the direction of our flesh. But what is easier cannot necessarily imply that it is the choice decision.

One of my favorite quotes from the game is :

“Embrace your dreams. If you want to be a hero, you need to have dreams”

This was around the time when I was beginning the phase of my life where I decided to start dreaming actively. Heroes don’t have an easy life ahead, but it is only because they dream of a better world that they push through and break out.

I’m not sure what kind of hero I want to be, but I definitely want to end my journey completely satisfied with the life I lived. And that involves big moves, lives changed, core friendships and the knowledge I lived a phenomenal life.




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