a tribute to the universe – part #5 (to the ones that made the difference)

And finally we’re here ; the last post of  the year. When I was in the military,I remember seeing all my friends in college and thought to myself “My goal is to make all these people jealous at some point. I want to show them what i means to live” . That selfish ideal dissipated over time,  but it also brought life to an ambition to truly see what’s out there. 2014 – the year of epic experiences is the result. I travelled , I challenged, I conquered. 2014 taught me that I can achieve anything I put my head to.

2015 has to be a different year then. Now that I’ve proved to myself something about my character, I want to take 2015 to improve myself again. Kickback into self-development and focus on upgrading myself. I’ve given myself a resolution to learn a new skill/trick/language etc. every month. It won’t be the case where I’ll learn something for a short term and abandon it the next month ; but rather that I’ll have to continue learning all new skills over the year i.e. I’ll be practising the skill I learned in January even in December.

But let’s take some time to think back on 2014 – as much as the year was marked by significant milestones and organisations , it was the friends throughout of it all that definitely helped me get through the year. The friends who checked in with me, who made crazy experiences with me, the friends who decided I was worth a bit of loving – that most kept me sane.


Marcus Tan –  what a bro. Again, what happened to be our love for design, leadership and beer brought us together in a way that could only lead to so many crazy experiences. Every time we’ve hung out, there has been no shortage of adventure, and we walk the same road a lot of times. Thanks for being my bro even when I’m all the way in the US. I can’t wait for when you come to Northwestern next year. We’re gonna blow so much up.

Imran –  9th year running. That’s how long we’ve lasted – and that’s testament to how much our friendship stands for given our antagonistic personalities. You’ve probably been the guy that sobers me up the most,  but also challenges me to live true to myself and I appreciate that. I honestly do miss hanging out with you, and wish we weren’t as busy back in Singapore. But we make the times we have together count and I’m glad for that.

Elyssa –  It’s funny how you know me as Snapchat guy because now I know you as Whatsapp Voice Message Girl. We’ve yet to Skype, I know ; but I’m still looking forward to the opportunity to be able to talk to you soon. We’re so similar yet so different and I guess that’s why I enjoy hanging out with you. We definitely have a lot more adventures ahead of us.

Valerie –  I’ve always enjoyed my time in Gushcloud, but I’m even more grateful it gave me the opportunity to meet you. I’ve always loved our conversations, even though getting you on the phone is like climbing a mountain. I can’t wait for when I come to Berkeley, or you come to Chicago. Gotta hold on to people you can actually speak the same language with.

Jeremy –  for always pushing me to relook my assumptions, and for challenging me to move forward. Thanks for being like a big brother, and for guiding me in the confusing world of business and entrepreneurship ; for taking the time to help me grow.

Louise –  for caring about me enough to guide this young , foolish but brazen kid through the jungle of being a young adult. for thinking from my perspective, and still reminding me to think from God’s perspective. for being a friend first , and for for showing me what it means to care.

Shimei –  for taking the effort this year to meet up  and pray  for me. for keeping me in your thoughts frequently and for not judging me when I break away from the track. for being someone I feel comfortable opening up to, and for being open about everything else.

Oswald –  for being my entrepreneur buddy. We walk different but similar paths, but it’s always inspiring talking to you about the journey we made to change the world, and live victorious lives. We’re go-getters and the energy I draw from you is incredible. Thanks for being a bud.

Norvin –  for being a great friend and helping when I had no clue how to navigate the legal complexities of some of the stuff I do. for challenging me to think rationally and yet hold onto the fervor of change – for being such a patient and dependable friend.

Tashi – for being the man of action. for inspiring me by the charisma and suave you embody, and also the depth of vision you have to transform this world. I enjoyed both the  days and nights we rocked the world – it was truly an honour.

For friends who gave me the chance of day , for making my year what it was – Jiahui, Claudio, Liyana, Chan, Valerie, Shiaw-Yan, Adrian, Ashton, Victoria, Tong Yee, Josiah, Hong Xi, Joseph, Jack, Chu Xian, Cher, Ivfen, Cass,Vin, Shyen, Sherie,Pong, Chuni, Qin En, Ying Cong, Johannes, Xiu Jing, Tedd, Louis,Gabriel, Shi Feng, Brenda,Ziyad, Jasdeep, Jia Rong, Benji, Cass Yuwen, Sharon, George,  Hakeem, Feroz, Ming Bros, Izumi, Sam, Laura, Min Xuan, Audrey, Kian Chong, Shane, Tong, Audrey, Lynnette, Upneet, Ray, Ly, Noelle, Jireh, Heng Jie, Cexiang, Gideon, Grace, Daniel C., Joyce, Jacq, Zhilin, Cheryl, Samuel, Martin, Timothy W., and definitely so many others.


I guess that’s it. That’s the end. I’m glad it wasn’t a wimper, I’m glad it was pretty much a blast.

You’ve been great 2014, you’ve been absolutely phenomenal.


I have found that if you love life, life will love you back.
– Arthur Rubinstein





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