in tribute to the universe – part #2 (bigger, better, faster)

After my service in the military, I knew I wanted to work somewhere and earn money to travel overseas. I also wanted to focus on developing important skill sets that would become essential in my future. I wanted to treat myself seriously in the sense that I wanted to only apply myself to situations where I could gain something of a higher quantum return than simply working at a desk job. Everyone should aspire for a career that they can apply themselves to.

I knew Aaron and Janice were starting a new network for YouTubers after their departure from WahBanana and so approached them to offer to help them grow the network. I didn’t mind the intern-rate pay as long as I could gain the following benefits : 1) Ability to network with people that matter 2)Learning opportunities 3) Growth of my own YouTube channel. I was extremely  glad when they agreed and that was when I was brought into the world of advertising and marketing.

You see, advertising and marketing is all about storytelling (my favorite past-time) . You convince someone that they should consider your product because you told a convincing story about  it. I had the opportunity thus to work in Gushcloud and Tribal DDB as a result of this pivot, and meet the people that have shaped my professional outlook on life.


Althea –  I have to start with the person that has probably made the most impact on my life this year besides my family. It was probably a series of gut decisions but you took the time to understand me, and I likewise gained so much by trying to learn from you. I’ve maintained that I admire you not just for your entrepreneurial finesse , but more for your ability to groom leaders, to care about people and to build legacies . By the time it was time for leave, I knew I could talk to you more as a friend than a boss, and that knowledge gave me the confidence to do bigger things. I can honestly say a good share  of my principles have been adapted from my experiences with you (I took the good, and learnt from the bad :P) , and that has made me a better person. I’ll never forget the faith you had in me; if I ever grow to do big things, it’s because I stood on your shoulders.

Vincent  – When I hear the word entrepreneur, I think of you first. It’s funny, not even Zuckerburg or Thiel. It’s really because being an entrepreneur requires a soul and story that I’ve seen first hand being embodied by you. You’re really the rockstar people make you out to be, and it’s especially because you remain humble every step of the way. Thanks for teaching me to care about values, about dreams and about people. I enjoyed the conversations we had, intellectual and personal – and am glad we shared the time we did. Looking forward to more.

Sheena – I think I learnt the most catchphrases from you this year. You’ve been so much fun to work with, even though when you’re in #stressmode I would walk carefully . Thanks for having my back so many times , for celebrating with me and for being patient with me. You’re definitely a friend I’m glad I made , and I’m only excited for more adventures ahead. You have, by far, the best eye for food so far .

Fai –  Bruddah. How can I look back on the times we had and not smile? We clicked from the get-go and had so many good times. We had our share of squabbles, but every friendship has its thunderstorms, and I’m glad our friendship was enough to overcome them. I will always be grateful for your presence , and for taking care of me. I always admire your ability to live life so passionately – it fuels my own desire to live.

Audrey –  Audreh. For some reason I always think of you as one of the guys, and I guess it’s because you were really a bro. Or a sis. Whatever it’s called, I felt like I could trust and talk to you , and that sense of safety is difficult to find with many others. I always enjoy coming back to the office because you’ll be there to smile and wave . Thanks for making life brighter whenever you’re around.

Freda –  Fred, thanks for watching out for me since the beginning. I know we joke about Nasi Kang Kang, but you’ve always been like a fun big sister. When I finally get to talk to you in between your bouts of work, I have so much fun talking to you . It definitely made my time in GC so much more fun.Looking forward  to seeing you soon.

Xeun – I remember our time in FMFA immediately when I begin to write this haha. Our stories speak for our friendship and I’ve enjoyed getting to know you in the past few months. You’ve been a good representative of THG , and I’m grateful for the effort you put into sharing our story and fighting for our value to clients. Thanks for being such a bud.

Elvina – Of course, Elvina without whom I probably couldn’t solve some of the most impossible problems. Thanks for being so patient and for always smiling when I’m back in the office. It wouldn’t be the same without you.

Lesner –  I honestly can’t wait till we’re in the same country again man. It was the easiest for me to talk to you amongst everyone else in the office – we spoke the same language ; of travel, of leadership and of ambition. You’ll go far man, I just know it – I can only look back at our memories and smile to myself. Thanks for being such an amazing pal, one of the best.

Mikal –  I miss your fashion sense. Really haha. Dude, thanks for making the year so fun in the office. I remember our late nerf gun wars in the office, and the adventures we had . It was definitely an experience doing ops work, and planning for events – I’m glad I ended up sitting behind you.

Darren –  Late night Spize Nights still occupy my memory. I’m not sure how it happened, but we shared good tales over good food. I guess that’s the value in having conversations between people of similar cuts – we talk about things close to our heart. Thanks for opening up to me on your story for your love of design and technology. It made me ask myself what I love as well. And the quest has been incredible.

Janice  –  Again, I’ll always be grateful for being the one to invite me into this family. It was a pleasant surprise to see a side of you not many get to see – a strong independent woman , wanting to make something out of her life and chart her own way. I’ll always remember the tales we shared, and will look back fondly on the journey we made on YouTube and in Gushcloud. Thanks for taking care of us , for being a friend.

Aaron – What a pal you are. I don’t even need to begin to describe how much fun I’ve had by your side, and to imagine it all started with a stray FB message. It’s really because of our friendship that so much has happened and I’ve been glad to be able to open up to you and have that reciprocated. Aside from using your celebrity status at Zouk to move around easier (perpetuated by Danial I swear) , there were so many times I remember thinking about the moment and being glad we had come this far. What a journey.


I guess it was only a matter of time before I asked myself what’s next. And the answer presented itself without me even explicitly asking it . One of my mentors, Jeff, messaged me asking me if I’d like to come do some work at DDB and work with big clients. I was humbled to be given the responsibility of crafting social media strategies, tapping into my networks  and working with big media roadmaps . I felt like I had stepped into a whole new land , and was a small fish in a big pond. But that’s where you grow, and grow I did.

Jeff – Thanks for believing in me, and for giving me this rare opportunity. I definitely tried to make the best of it, and I’m grateful for the check-ins and opportunities to tap into your brain for insights on society, people and the industry. To be able to watch you in action was a learning experience and I took a lot away from it.

Alexis –  Thanks for mentoring me on the job. I walked in with only a fraction of knowledge of the industry, but you helped me to learn how to leverage that and grow my application abilities. I thought with more perspective on issues and was able to plan with a longer roadmap for clients. Your patience and insight definitely taught me a lot, and I’m glad I had the chance to talk.

Dawn and Yuhui – I always remember you guys as a pair. and I guess because I rarely interacted with you guys separately. Our conversations were definitely the highlight of my time in Tribal DDB , thanks for teaching me how to deal with big office situations, how to approach creative, how to think ahead and how to be a Christian in it all. Also congratulations again Dawn! So happy for you and your marriage 🙂

To the rest of the team, thanks for making my time in DDB as great as it was . I only wish I had the opportunity to have more experiences and make more memories with you but it was great while it lasted – Jeremy, Fangru, Leslie, Fred, Boston,Aik Beng, Wenjie, Nicole. 


“Friendship… is not something you learn in school. But if you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven’t learned anything.” – Muhammad Ali



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