6 things to remember

1) not everything needs to be defined. as much as it is emotionally tumultuous, it is difficult to want something without sacrificing something else. to have something consistent means to give up something variable. but to have something flexible means to give up what could possibly be steady.

2) the best way to keep a secret is not to shut it up in a cupboard. in fact, you cover it up with a mixture of truths, mistruths and general loud noise – hide it to the point that no one can distinguish it from what they know.

3) there’s always a solution – everything has a possibility to be fixed, either internally over time / by consequence , or externally through persistence and strategy.

4) opportunities knock on your door if you’re able to sell yourself as a brand. don’t be afraid to position yourself socially as a brand worth pursuing – it’s the new age of HR and talent acquisition . Match skill development with brand development.

5) everyone is an advocate now that we have social media. but what do you advocate for? are you using your position of influence , no matter the size, for some sort of positivity? you don’t have to preach a charity, but are you spreading hurt or hope?

6) there are people in this world who will disappoint you. they may not be bad people, but they definitely won’t match your expectations . and that’s fair, because it’s selfish to project your expectations onto them – but find ways to accept that people like that exist and move forward. recover quickly and make headway.



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