be comfortable being uncomfortable

you should know something about me. the deadliest weapons are not worn on my back . no, they’re sheathed in mystery and deceit.


i’ve finally decided to actually blog again. to write my thoughts and ideas in clear coherent sentences about my life. i’ve greatly enjoyed blogging for various reasons, but mostly because i do read my old posts and appreciate the fact that i thought through most of my decisions in life. i’ve frequently come across posts where i would have challenged myself to do something and having accomplished them i feel glad that i took on that challenge.

northwestern and college in general has been definitely exhilarating. it’s definitely weird because you’re living in a complete bubble – life revolves around school, college life, extra curriculars and we are exposed to the real world in spurts and turns. i honestly do miss this about my old life the most – knowing that you’re on a honest trajectory that deals with real issues. but i must accept these 4 years as important learning ground for more. one can only become better , right?


the fire burned so softly and gently, i could not resist. i inched my finger close to the flame, letting it dance near my tip.and almost as if dragged by force, my finger touched the inner core of the fire. i repulsed my hand away, absolutely thrilled but in an immediate agony. i can’t wait to do it again.


be comfortable being uncomfortable. i’ve definitely been uncomfortable many times in the past 2 months . making friends has never been a problem for me – but having grown up , you realise the need to seriously value friendships that are built out of character and positive memories. because let yourself be hurt by those you can’t bear to hurt yourself . i’ve taken chances, made risky decisions and made pivot points numerous times. but i’ve always been serious about learning as much as i can from every one of them. understand what happened, process your feelings and thoughts, and apply them onto yourself.

because we would not be human if we just went about life without a care


the worst thing you can do to someone else is to project your expectations onto them. he is who he is, and she is who she is. to be unhappy with them just because they didn’t meet your expectations is like blaming the sun for your dehydration. either adjust your expectations or move on – let him or her be perfect for someone else


i’m a social butterfly. i draw energy from people and conversations. but more importantly, i crave variety and diversity. college is full of that seemingly, but you need to dig because above all that character is a shameful need to please each other that breeds needless synchronicity.  you do you. be quirky, do a dance, sing your song and climb your mountain.



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