three difficult lessons tonight

When you feel pain, write. Write the most painful feelings you’ve ever felt. Write it out ; write them till you don’t feel it anymore. Write because your heart aches, and write because you know the journey’s not over. Nothing in this world can ever take away who you are, if you know who you are.


The problem with morals is that we impose values on ourselves when we don’t know what’s out there. But maybe it’s good to keep yourself in a zone of power. Power comes not in control of surroundings, but in control of yourself. Lose yourself, and you lose your world.


Does it kill to care? I would argue not. To care means to choose to only let yourself be privy to the whims of your soul, not your body. In a hedonistic society, perhaps the heart should bleed love instead of lust. Trust me, the ones who win the battles are the ones who choose them.


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