#breath3 – the night the burger stole the show




It was definitely an interesting turn of events for Breath 3. Let’s backtrack before the burger. I had planned to go to a club downtown in Chicago as part of the social activity planned by one of the Frats on campus. The night was supposed to be about good music, friends and having a blast again. That was supposed to be my breath.


We even had wristbands and stuff – it was meant to be a blast.


We took schoolbuses (the irony right) downtown – this is me here with my boy Jimmy. Unfortunately, the ride was almost 30 minutes long – which meant by the time we got there , we had kinda gotten tired already. But nonetheless we went in looking for a good time. Through a series of unfortunate events, which I don’t have the privilege of sharing on my blog, I left the club with Igor and decided to take a walk around Chicago. And that’s when we saw it – Umami Burger. Now, I have really bad short term memory. But the name Umami Burger was something I had heard a long time ago. And so I insisted that we go in and have late night supper (I hadn’t eaten a full dinner anyway) – IT WAS THE BEST BURGER I HAD.



Maybe it was the Truffle fries we had before it, or the beer I washed the burger down with, or even the series of events before the burger – but this burger was absolutely amazing. It was like walking on clouds. Igor and I agreed absolutely that tonight would not have been the same without the turn of events. We managed to get back in after some persuasion but by then our friends had left and so we head back to campus to close the night.


I had an extreme amount of fun – ask me in person if you want the full details of the night but this challenge has definitely put me out there a lot more – and that’s coming from me. I can’t go back to a quiet life after this.





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