thunderstorm machine

lovebite was a timid creature. he lived as a doormouse in the winter, nestled between the wooden walls of the Jones residence to avoid catching a cold. he would wander around the house, grabbing crumbles of food left over by the rottweiler during its evening snack.  he was but a whisper in the building

lovebite would chime a song every night , by knocking on the walls that flanked his comfy hideout.

may i never forget my past gone
may i never forsake my future yet
for i want to make my past self proud
and give my future a chance

may i never forget
i am a sum of who i was
and the pretense of who i will be

he would sing after mrs jones would leave the kitchen and turn off the lights. as lonely as he was, his melodies kept him company. the echo in the walls would sing back to him, and he would sleep with a smile on his face.

what a life it must be, he would say, if i had not my voice.

and that was all he had to love.


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