save me

i feel like i’ve seen everything, she said.

have you touched the sky?

have you felt the scales of a shark?

have you experienced the rush of near death when you jump off a cliff?

have you met people who know nothing about you?

no, she said. but i wish to experience them.


well, till then – we haven’t seen anything.

i’ve danced with death; i’ve fought in a war; i’ve seen despair met with hope

i’ve known illness and gratitude – but at the end of the day i know i’m lacking in the world. to believe that we learn everything here is to be foolish.


thunderstorm machine

lovebite was a timid creature. he lived as a doormouse in the winter, nestled between the wooden walls of the Jones residence to avoid catching a cold. he would wander around the house, grabbing crumbles of food left over by the rottweiler during its evening snack.  he was but a whisper in the building

lovebite would chime a song every night , by knocking on the walls that flanked his comfy hideout.

may i never forget my past gone
may i never forsake my future yet
for i want to make my past self proud
and give my future a chance

may i never forget
i am a sum of who i was
and the pretense of who i will be

he would sing after mrs jones would leave the kitchen and turn off the lights. as lonely as he was, his melodies kept him company. the echo in the walls would sing back to him, and he would sleep with a smile on his face.

what a life it must be, he would say, if i had not my voice.

and that was all he had to love.

this is it

this is it. two and a half years after i graduated from raffles, i finally get to continue my education proper. to go to a college and be a student again; to be able to learn proper subjects such as chemistry and mathematics. to be able to do homework again (i know, it’s crazy).

it’s really that knowledge that you’re allowed to be slightly childish again – to be a youth rather than a young adult. i know it’s difficult to revert to my 18 year old mindset, but i can afford to relieve some of the major responsibilities i used to have. and yet, when i think about it, i seem to just have graduated from another school to college.

i seem to have simply been a student of the world.

my time in the military taught me many things about leadership, camaraderie, military strategy and more technically, CBR related matters. my time doing The Hidden Good taught me about legal matters, about accounting, about HR, about social media exploitation, about consulting, about account management. my time interning taught me so much about the marketing, advertising and public sector. my time travelling vietnam, cambodia, malaysia, europe taught me about to see humanity as a common thread and to appreciate our capacity for greatness, that we are able to achieve great beauty as much as we’re able to achieve great evils.

but these lessons won’t stop, and shouldn’t stop. as a student of the world, i’m able to better channel my learnings in college, to be able to fully make use of the resources available to possibly make the world better and facilitate more greatness.

will i miss Singapore? definitely, but as with all cases, i move fast when i move forward. i just hope not to forget the people who have made my life amazing in the present. to always keep them in my thoughts, in my prayers. i tend to be sentimental to those who are sentimental towards me ; loyal to those who are loyal to me. and i will always remember the blessings bestowed upon me , and do my best to return the favour. i hope to make fabulous new friends in college, to see , taste and experience new things. to be a part of the future as much as i live in the spectacular now.


this is it.

i’m a storyteller, and this is my humble story. it’s a whisper in the darkness of night ; a squeak amongst the multitude. but i will fight to tell my story, because who are we without our tales of struggle and success.

let’s begin the next chapter.