You’re Just a Feeling

It felt cold all of a sudden. When he had first purchased it, it seemed like the warmest thing ever. It had glowed, no, sparkled like a radiant star. But all of a sudden , it had the look and feel of a frosted ice cube.

It could pass of as one; the diamond was a huge one. “No matter what doubts she had, the diamond will certainly overshadow them ” the dealer had joked. He had hoped there weren’t any doubts at all.

A slight breeze rushed past him. He turned towards the door. There she was, looking for him. He froze this moment in his head – he did that for significant moments in his life – and then took in her beauty.

“I’m here!” he waved towards her.

She looked back and smiled. Her hands reached to push her hair back behind her ear and then she placed them on her hips.

“Now what are we doing in such a fine place like this? I told you I’m happy with the local pizzeria near our place. ” she said with a cheeky smile.

“You’ll see – I’ve got something special ” he said back, and gave her a kiss on the lips.

“You look absolutely stunning today , you’re hitting a new standard” he said and then followed with a kiss on the forehead.

He always looked forward to her blush – a soft pink warmth on her cheeks.

“You and your surprises. It never stops with you , doesn’t it? ”

“As long as you’re with me, things can’t be boring. I won’t allow them to be. That was my promise”

She grabbed his hand tighter . “Alright, I’m hungry”

The restaurant was known for being the best in Italian cuisine in town. Impeccable service, unmatched experience and a fine diversity of flavones for the palate. They had talked without a single pause , yet the whole time his hand was on the stone ; the cold , hard stone.

“So what’s this surprise ? ” she said, teasingly.

“Well, you know how I love buildings. Did you know they had a helicopter landing pad built on top of this tower? ” he said.

Her face froze for a second. ” You didn’t! But how did you get permission?”

Without a second take she put out her finger to stop him. “You talked to Peter , didn’t you? That was the favor he owed you …”

“I’m calling in quite a bit of favors today” he thought to himself.

“Let’s go. The city awaits”. The stone felt a bit warmer .

“I see the hotel from here. Your name stands out pretty well. ” she shouted over the intercom .

They were snuggled up in the back seat of the copter. Their pilot was cruising slowly over the city and the night seemed almost perfect. She laid her head on his shoulder. He froze the moment. There will be more of these, he wished.

“Every time I see that hotel, I remember it’s always possible to dream. To wait for the right moment and to make the move then” he shouted back.

She nodded her head in agreement and kissed him on the lips.

“I love this! ” she shouted.

” Give us 5 more minutes and we can land, Billy” he said to the pilot .

He and she laid back and enjoyed the night even more – with only the sound of the copter’s wings spinning providing a soft rhythm.

“It can’t be. This was where you told me you loved me, I remember!” She shrieked.

“You know what’s coming then” he said, and knelt down on one knee. He looked at her, her long brown hair framing her beautiful face. Her hands covering her mouth in utterly pure glee. His hand reached out to the diamond ring, it’s warmth rushed back to it. He remembered why he spent so much on it – why it was only right.

” You’ve been nothing less than the best thing that has happened to me. When we met , I was reckless and ambitious – but you still believed in me. And you supported me. The things I’ve built can never compare to the one achievement I can never claim to be my own – finding you. You see , you’re the most beautiful person I’ve met. But before I met you, I was depressed with the mundane.

You taught me to find beauty in the simple, to seek wisdom and wealth rather than fame and riches. To be satisfied. Hunger only begets hunger. But with you , I know I can be happy. ”

She grabbed his hand and gleamed. “That’s really big” .

” You started out as just a feeling. And I’ve always listened to my gut – choosing to love you was the best decision I made. I can’t imagine a future without you .”

She bent down on her knees, her eyes level with his.

“Neither can I” she said, and locked her lips with his.

“Do you want to wear it? ” he asked her after they had finished.

She giggled and slid her finger into the ring. “It’s perfect. This is perfect”

“For you, if I didn’t give my best, I wouldn’t allow it.”

“I never needed your best, just your enough…. But this was good, this was nice.”

“Let’s go. We’ve got to share the good news”


I’m just writing away. Don’t mind me – it’s how I deal with my feelings. Boy and Girl – an ideal state, but oh, if we never strived for the ideal , how we can achieve what’s great? The ideal comprises of the imperfections involved – the mixed feelings, the doubts , the fear . But the ideal knows that these will fade. Good is the enemy of great.




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