why Singapore needs more stories

it’s finally here. 2nd of August. The day I fly to Germany, and then take an additional two weeks to backpack around Europe for a bit. I’ve been waiting for this long holiday for a long time. In order to get here though, there was a lot of closure that had to be done. I had to find a strong core team to take over The Hidden Good, I had to settle all my college and scholarship administrative matters , and I had to meet up with all my friends again before I fly off.

So yes, I managed to find a lovely partnership with Gushcloud that allows The Hidden Good to run and an amazing team to make sure things run smoothly after. I managed to close all my outstanding administrative matters. I managed to meet up with most of my friends. And the thing that came reiterating itself through these processes was the memory of things past. The stories that caused the present; the adventures and the decisions.

It was when I was at Gushcloud’s Office Opening , when Willie and Vincent , two entrepreneurs I deeply admire and now have the pleasure of being partners with, and they were sharing core stories that brought them to the establishment that was the office at 625 Toa Payoh Lor 4,  that i realised I too would share my own stories someday and would hope that they inspire a new layer of initiative and empowerment. And what if were able to bring these stories together in a good way – in a way that Singaporeans could be proud of.

We remember the Singapore of old because of the multitude of stories and the materials captured in the history books. Struggles, battles, deaths and sacrifices. But if anyone was to write a story on Singaporeans in the past 30-40 years, what would we write about? We need to keep creating history, to keep creating national memories. Right now, we’re nostalgic and remembering things from the 50s-60s. But are we are caring about profiling the memories we make now?

There are some that are capturing these stories, but I still think the missing ingredient is a good taste. No one has captured the heart of the Singaporean through his/her prose just yet , but more should try to. In their own way. A Singapore rich in its stories, find its people sharing these stories in times of doubt or conflict. These are what make a society.

I’ll continue making my own stories. I don’t really like the idea of YOLO – i think the concept of living once both liberates and constricts in so many way. But I do believe in Carpe Diem – in seizing the day . In living. And with those stories, I hope to continue to add to my wealth – of knowledge and application. And make the world a better place



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