the thing about Rovik

A person once told  me, “Rovik, get to the point where everyone knows you’re the person to talk to, and you’ll realise who you should have always backed, and who were the people just climbing over you”

And I’m slowly getting there. I blog honestly with these matters, because it’s important to track my progress as I grow. When I look back, if there ever was a transformation, I can spot it easily and see what shaped me. So take note of the truth, and jump in.

There’s a huge transformation in peoples’ lives from their teens to their 20s. In the teens, we were all  about school and friendships, light-hearted things. And as we move into our 20s, we’re suddenly talking about work, about careers and making money.

Oh, that green greedy word. Money is a currency, it’s a means to an end. But to so many, it’s the end in itself. And that becomes destructive, because when people get hungry, you can see them drooling a mile away.

I’ve been blessed to be in the right place at the right time, and make good use of the opportunities that have been presented to me. I’m not ashamed to be constantly pushed by the people around me ,and to grow with them, because the growth is rapid.with intense pressure. 

And I’m willing to share that growth. I want my friends and family to be blessed by my blessings, I want them to grow at the same rate as me and reach their own ambitions and dreams. 

But don’t play the “Anyway” card. Oh man, I hate it. I hate starting the day with the WAes that go like this.

“Hey , How have you been. It’s been a long time since we chatted. ….Anyway, I need XXX. Can help me get?”

Okay, it’s not that crass. But that’s how I read it. I’ll reserve my friendliness for those who genuinely try to build something with me before asking for something. I’m fine with clearly professional relationships – I’ll just be clearly professional.  

A Mentor of mine once said “It’s really a lot of effort to love everyone around you. Love everyone still, but pour your heart only into those that matter” 

And that’s one of my principles. There’s a lot of ways to take this, but hear me out. I get we live on collaborations and exchanges. But be polite about it, be considerate about it. Realise that at the heart of things, everyone wants to know that you’re coming to them for who they are, and not just for what they can offer.  We’re still young, and can decide how we want to grow up, here and now.

If we’re going to decide to be so apathetic to others, then that’s a very dismal future ahead. Learn to love back, it’s okay to show emotions once in a while people. 

There’s a dual currency being exchanged with deals – not just money, but trust and love as well (at the heart of things essentially) . If you talk shop without flexing your EQ , then there’s only very far you’ll go, especially knowing myself. 

that’s the thing about me. i’m fiercely loyal to those who I know I can trust.

and I’ll continue to be.




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