It’s New York – My Crazy Trips!

I’m back with another travel review! I must apologise for the delay, there’s been too much to  do and see. The adventurer in me has been let loose, and it’s raucously living life.

Okay, so back to my trip. After visiting Chicago, my family travelled further east to New York. What’s visiting the US without visiting New York right? I watch a lot of TV and Movies ( don’t ask me how, even I surprise myself) and so walking through New York was like walking through the theatricals you saw on screen. It was incredibly surreal and fascinatingly exciting.

We went down to the City on the first day, and explored Wall Street. This is where the Stock Exchange and all the other famous banks and financial buidlings are. We went on a weekend, so there wasn’t much crowd beyond the tourists, but I could just smell the stench of money here.

2013-12-22 15.19.03-1

We visited Rockefeller Centre as well, where NBC films most of its shows. I took a picture to look like 30Rock hehe. If possible, go up for the studio tours. You can check out where Jimmy Kimmel has his set, or where Friends shot their scenes! The film-maker in me got very excited.

2013-12-22 18.24.11 IMG_3336

And then of course, one must visit Liberty Island to visit Lady Liberty! It’s a ferry ride away from Battery Park (where the security is Airport level and super tight). Try to book online for tickets to bring you up to the crown or pedestal, because on-site tickets only let you roam the island itself. It’s good enough for a decent selfie like mine, but I would have loved to have gone on top.

2013-12-23 07.50.50 

Grand Central Station, where some of my favourite romance scenes (yes I watch lame lovey dovey movies as well ) have happened and also where Madagascar had its epic chase sequence. I swear, the place is grand, and still functioning. I recall Charlie Todd doing many amazing scenes here including the light-up, and the Harry Potten IRL scene.

2013-12-25 17.13.06-2

And then we have Times Square. It’s everything people say it is. The heart of commercialism , with huge billboard ad screens and millions of shops. The land-planning of the area is unique such it channels a rush of wind through the centre. It was basically freezing cold. I visited the place on Christmas. It was beautiful.

2013-12-24 22.08.10


2013-12-25 15.44.37

Oh ya, one of my favourite pictures is this one of a bird with the skyline in the background. It flew so close to us, I had to snap it.

2013-12-22 13.12.18IMG_3274

Now comes the food! Now there’s a lot more food I haven’t tried while being in NY. I wanted to try White Castle, some of the famous steakhouses, some of the famous pizzas in Little Italy but I couldn’t . Too little  time, too many calories.

I did manage to try these though! IHOP was one of those things you have to visit just to try it. Sinful pancakes – but oh  so good.

2013-12-25 00.03.03


We also had Korean food in Koreatown. Now , when it’s freezing cold outside, Korean BBQ is dabomb. Had this with Preston, together with Kimchi Soup. We really enjoyed this meal. In fact, I want to go back once I get the chance to.

2013-12-26 21.55.13

The rest of the meals were pizza, your normal mishmash of American cuisine, or something in the middle.

Now, I’m an architecture buff. And like I’ve mentioned, the US has amazing architecture. The Statue of Liberty was shipped from Italy, but still, look how amazing it stands in the middle of the island.


Just walking through the city, you can feel tiny, with grand buildings flanking you. I’m glad Singapore’s main areas are not like these, I wouldn’t like to perpetually feel like an ant.

IMG_3313 IMG_3315

The famous bull of Wall Street is also a tourist attraction. It’s derived from the term “Bullish Market” which means the market is doing extremely well – love how ferocious and strong it  looks. Now that’s machoism.


We also visited World Trade Centre, or rather the site of the destroyed one. This was a really sobering experience because you recall the news coverage and the lives that were lost. The memorial pools have the names of the people who passed etched into it, and you can touch and feel the shapeless void left behind. It’s really a tragic memory.


But at the same time, it’s a story of hope. They’re rebuilding the tower stronger and louder, as a sign of recovery. If you read my Chicago post, you realise it’s an American spirit. That when you’re beaten down, you pick yourself up and come back stronger. Hope and recovery – it’s the heartbeat here. You feel like you  always have a shot. Very impressed.


One of my best memories was meeting up with the EDB peeps while in NY. I’ll always love  having friends in every town I visit – sharing experiences and making new ones.


So that more or less concludes my trip to New York. There’s definitely a lot more stories to share, but I’ll  leave those for my Facebook Albums, or my storytelling in person to cover. This should give a gist to those who ask me what to do in NY .

My more in-demand post – My Weekend in Vietnam – should be out by the weekend! One of my favourite trips as well. Look out for that one!

Till then, keep believing people!



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