why i love doctor who – and how 2014 is going to roll


I’m addicted to this song, it’s produced by a philharmonic orchestra and I’ve been listening to this on loop for the past 2 days. Ever since the Rings of Akhaten , i’ve been hooked, but when it came back for the Doctor’s regeneration in The Time of the Doctor, I just died.

Doctor Who is a glimpse into what life could be. I’m a hopeless romantic in the sense that I am never satisfied with mediocrity. I don’t like it when people tell me how things “should” be , because I’m excited for what could be. The Doctor is like me in a lot of ways (and I guess a lot of other fans find parts of them in the Doctor as well) .

The Doctor is self-destructive, he’s constantly finding ways to put himself in harm’s way, because that’s where he finds the answers he’s looking for. He’s been wandering the galaxy for thousands of years, picking up random companions, experiencing different aspects of himself, and consistently morphing. That’s my wanderer card.

He is the Doctor for a reason – he fixes things and makes people better off than when they first started with him. Yet he is also fierce to those who betray him, so damn fierce. It’s the same spectrum philosophy I subscribe to – immense love can corrupt to immense hatred with the right stigma. Because the spectrum extends on both sides. And he is relentless , he will not stop , until his companions step in and remind him to be compassionate. “i was the doctor, i killed so many people. i had my bad days”

But the number one I find myself in the Doctor is because no matter what happens, people look to him for the solutions. He is the answer, and the question. Trust your Doctor is the tagline – i like that. I’m not near his level of credibility but I’d like to get there. I’d like to be the go-to guy, the closer.

Peter Capaldi has taken over as The Doctor and that’s a whole new series of excitement. I just can’t wait, because where there’s a moment to spare, the Doctor is there.


2014 is coming, and i’m amassing an empire of ideas. Life, you thought you could take away everything by postponing my college till fall next year. Well here I am proving you wrong.

My Challenge in 2014 is divided into two halves;

The first half is pre-college

  1. Help others realise their dreams – the Start-up Nursery I call it.
  2. Make a dent in the local commentary scene – The Hidden Good and it’s affiliates is going to create buzz online for sure
  3. Travel the World
  4. Learn basic Cross-Fit and commit to it

The second  half is college itself

  1. Survive
  2. Meet people

Believe it or not, I see my freshman year as a break. I’m going to be working quite hard in 2014 and in college, I can have the luxury of having to commit on my studies to keep up. Oh man , oh man, I need to go to school. 9 Months has to fly by faster.

I’ve connected most of the people that I’ve wanted to work with on board the projects, but I could use with more help. If you’re willing to commit, send me a buzz. I don’t take nonsensical stuff like “I can help online stuff etc.” – I used to, but now I can say I don’t. Your commitment means something – your word stands for who  you are. Don’t back out, don’t cancel, don’t over-promise.  I’ve felt like shit when I overpromised, and I’m learning myself what I can work with. But at the same time, I deal the same damage to those who commit frivolously.

I do promise one thing though, and those who have stood by me have learnt it. I will change the way you see things because I only desire the non-mediocre. It’s so ostentatious, I cringe saying it, but my desire for adventure is overwhelming. 2014 is going to have a lot more of those moments

In it all, I’m going to adopt one principle – my new year resolution of sorts – love ferociously. i’ve guarded my heart for too long – it’s time to get it broken many times over. i’m still young

I can’t wait.




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