to die is to live – my thanksgiving post of the year – part 2

i’m typing this while i’m in Doha International Airport right now. gonna do it while I have free time. the jetlag is gonna kick in soon but i’ve to get through this stage so that I can enjoy the holiday.

in the last few posts, I appreciated my mates in NS here ( Part 1, 2, 3 ) and The Hidden Good Peeps and OC Peeps in this post here ( Click )

Here I remember everyone else –

YouTube was something of a surprise for me. I’ve been a big YouTube consumer since I was young – always watching videos online and thinking to myself “these people are pretty cool”. Going onto YouTube for The Hood Factory was a risky decision – we’re fighting for an audience. But we realised the community online is amazing – our first message out to Aaron from the then-WahBanana was replied with a quick invite to meetup. All because we had already decided to put up content.

I’m super glad for that first meetup – because it paved the way for many more collaborations and meetups. Aaron, you’re an amazing guy – committed to YouTube and a great guy to hang out with. Janice, I’m super glad we met you too – gonna enjoy working at Gush with you next year building the YouTube scene!  And of course, Elliot, the conversations we have whenever we meet – your off-screen personality is world’s apart from what we see on-screen and that’s a powerful trick. Fish, you’re just one crazy mofo hahaha. Keep it that way. Love talking to you.

Jianhao,  selfie-master and overall xiao-mei-mei killer, it’s here we remember that we only met a few months ago and we’re pretty chummy already – we’ve had quite a few bro moments already. Love the commitment you have to  your channel – and the effort you put into delivering great content. Look forward to working with you more!

Ryan, Sylvia, Sikeen –  I still remember the first time we met at The Prata Shop – I’m looking to learn alot of cinematography and script-writing from you guys! Not to mention, the conversations we have end up being very honest haha. Thanks for throwing things our way too ( though none have really come through yet! but thanks still!)

Cheok, Keiji  – Fellow small YouTubers – hopefully we’ll all grow with our content but till then I’m glad we got to hang out a few times! Thanks for helping us out thus far, and let us know how we can help as well! I’m proud to have fellow YouTubers like you!

Then of course, everyone else I’ve met in the YouTube side of things – Jason, Christian, Sheena, Freda, Clifford , Vincent, Althea, Tashi , Xavier – glad I’m getting to hang out with you guys. Here’s to more opportunities to hang out.


Audrey, Min –  thanks for all the spontaneous support you guys give. I’m glad Yi Hui put us together – there’s a lot I want to learn from you guys as entrepreneurs! Gerald,  Jum  i’m glad to have met you too!

Ly, Upneet, Ray, Alvona, Parveen, Uncle Eck Kheng Daniel Martin  and all the people who have covered us  on media – thanks for believing in us and putting our message out. Looking forward to making things happen.

Cass, Sharon, Soo Han – for the work with NEMATION and Nexus , for supporting us so much in all that we do! We appreciate it wholeheartedly.

Wei Lieh, Aik Yang, Holy Innocent High School, SKM, FairPrice Foundation (Liyana, Emerald, Roshida) –  for inviting us to give sharings and rewarding us publicly for our works! It’s encouragement and that helps us keep going!

Oswald, Qin En, Ying Cong –  for taking the entrepreneur journey as well and supporting us as we support you! Thanks for always looking out for opportunties for us!

Preston, Gloria, Tat Hsiang, Linan, Kenneth, Eric, Brandon, Carolyn, Ryo, Joel , Merle, Pamela, Doreen, Wynne, Laura, Michelle, Nicole, Sam, Dixon, Elaine –  I’m glad to have gotten to still do some EDB stuff this year , it’s always good meeting the rest of your colleagues.

My Facebook Friends for being great supporters and helping me push for what I need so much –  Wei Yen, Dominic, Ming Kwang Alastair, Shiao-Yin, Tedd, Qi Siang, Norvin, Eck Kheng, LKK, Louis and so many more  for providing vibrant discussions on my page. Thanks for engaging with me, and helping me grow ,it was great and I look forward to more.

Marc, for reaching out to us to do One World Summit . I’m excited to make this work. I’m excited to get youths activating their passions and get off their asses. Powerful things are coming man.

Chlo,  I’m realising I like talking and hanging out with you more and more each day. I’m damn glad we crossed paths – here’s to more outings and crazy adventures 😀 You’re a special kind of awesome.


There’s a lot more people that I ought to mention, I know. So if  your name is not here, please know that I will update the posts the moment I remember. My memory isn’t great – but it does remember people that have had a stake in my year. So give me time 😀

2013, you’ve been pretty darn awesome. 2014, I have great plans for you, and God has probably better plans. The Hood Factory Season 2, A Satire Talk Show, The Hidden Food, MP3 Experiment 2014, One World Summit, VC2014, Omom…, MCN formation, StrengthsFinder, Vietnam Trip, EuroTrip and all that is BEFORE August. Flying off to the US after that is just gonna be the start of a whole nother journey.

One of my favourite movies is RocknRolla. Today i feel like a real RocknRolla.



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