the tribute to the un-imagined – we will dare


it’s time to write something personal, as opposed to something vaguely political or social. we’ll have plenty of time for that. it’s time to look into 20 year old adolescence thing-a-majingums.

i’ve been pondering over what I should embark on in the six months between my trip to the US, and my matriculation to Northwestern. It’s crazy exciting – knowing that I’m going to be studying , living, fulfilling dreams and ambitions overseas. New friends, new campuses, new topics – these are things that excite me. “Potential” is a very energising concept.

there’s of course the regular response – get a job, or an internship. And that’s great and all. I  probably can get a job very soon – but with an A Level degree I’m looking at $800 a month.. unless I do a basic job and rack up $1600 for countless hours of work. It’s a value for money issue. I want to have time to work on The Hidden Good, learn German, travel and discover new skills. And I need money and time to support these.

So , I’ve gotten a few friends who’ve asked me to tap into my entrepreneurship abilities and start something of my own. and I discovered this post I made on my old blog ( . and it’s crazy because the wishes are still the same. these are things I still care about. now the question is, one year later I’m in the position to capture the attention of people around me and attract them to work with me. So i’m putting a shoutout now – if anyone wants to help me with the below, especially 1&2 , let me know. We can plan things out. 

I like planning. I like doing. I like winning. And everything in between. 

I’ve started five funds – small ones each with a dollar in them. Now this isn’t  ask for donation – tho i’d gladly accept any. These five funds are to achieve five goals of mine by the time I die – and to do them in a manner that over-rides stereotypes and common problems with the industries. They’ll evolve as I go along but essentially they’ll remain (and have been for some years) the core of my goals for life.


1) Start a Talent Management Company that respects talent and grows them

2) Start a News Agency that respects facts and opinion with a divided line.

3) Start a School that respects children and education – learning and reading

4) Write a book that re-imagines a theme that has consistently been associated with the human consciousness

5) Travel the World – 2-3 countries in each continent and maybe Antarctica for a pit stop


I promise you I’ll achieve these goals – and I’ll probably blog on my WordPress more about each one but this is a declaration to shape my world.


Idealistic, naive, young. Go ahead. I’ll still do it – and I may die trying. But I look forward to the process of trying as compared to nothing at all.


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