rovik. writes about The Hidden Good – Singapore Unveiled.

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so most of you should know that I’m working on another crazy idea. and i’m really excited about this one.

it started off as a conversation between Leon, a great buddy of mine, Qin En and me in the MRT. We were all standing near the “Reserved Seat” in the MRT with a train packed to the rims, yet nobody was sitting on it. There was this sense of fear that if someone who did not belong to the required category of elderly, handicapped and pregnant sat there, they would be immediately shunned and cast to the dark hallways of STOMP.

there was a sense of fear in our society to live in peace and pleasantness with one another.

and we realised that as much as the shaming of bad acts in Singapore is done in STOMP and forms a part of our social consciousness, there’s a lack of the celebrating of the good in our society to counter that. where’s the other side of the story? does it not exist?

we all know it does. we’ve encountered amazing people who would go a step out from their comfort zone to help someone else in their society – who would do simple acts of goodwill simply because they can and will. yet it’s hidden in our community – hiding in the shadows of the critics who only like to point fingers and yell targets at people.

we aim to uncover that hidden good. we aim to show Singapore what it is, and has the potential to be.

through our videos, we expose the real side of Singapore by instigating responses, breaking down barriers and creating avenues for interaction. we’re ruthless – this is not a school project nor is it an attempt at getting short term KPIs. we’re here to prove a point, and we’re ready to put Singaporeans in the position to show what they’ve got.

there may be disappointments in how they react, but based on our filming experience and our encounters – the vast majority of Singaporeans will do and have done good in our videos. we’ll show both sides – but the point is the same – would you now take up the mindset that you too can be that guy?

once the hidden good is unveiled , our society can grow. we can look past our disappointments and struggles, and seek to build a common future. because we know we can trust the guy next to us to have our back.

we’ll be posting up updates and launching in April but keep up with our teasers and sneak peeks.

our FB is

our twitter is @thehiddengood.

SHARE! yes , please share because we want to reach as many people as we can with this message and get them involved.

if you can act, take professional videos, handle online tools or just want to be a part of our team just contact us .

the rest, share our message. we’re a mishmash of people from all over Singapore with very little in common other than the fact that we’re from the same country. we’re not necessarily nationalists – we just believe in the human ability .

and that’s the whole point.

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  1. what i’ve done – Love, Dream, Imagine

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