oh i swear to you, i’ll be there for you


since i turned 18, it’s been a real companion. there’s something about me – when i’m sober i’m in game mode. everything is an opportunity, im constantly thinking , regenerating ideas. but once i get a bit tipsy, the constructs set up to hold up the aura of self-control start to collapse. it’s called liquid courage in some parts – that’s exactly what it is for me. there’s something blinding about it – i’m free i would say.

but in all honesty , it’s a crutch. i’m not ignorant of the fact. but i love how i’m allowed to be a bit more honest with the people around me. if there’s anything off – i can always blame it on the liquor.

it’s kinda why i’m more of a pub person than a club person. in a pub, you’re spending time with people – engaging in the greatest conceivable form of intercourse – conversation. when two minds let loose, engage each other , let’s just say i’ve had some of the most mind-revealing moments then. my alcohol tolerance is pretty high but i still can lay prey to my own arrogance . even then – i remind myself to appreciate the singular moment i exist in. and i type it down in my iPhone. for an idea is a magnificent possibility. and that’s something i would never let go of.


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