hello, again, geronimo

welcome to my new blog!

i was temporarily over at posterous but I struggled. It wasn’t as convenient for a mobile user like myself – and honestly not as well-known as wordpress for people to come over. It’s a nice design scheme but it’s way too basic in terms of user experience.

Anyway, I’m back over at WordPress where I hope to continue to write, to romanticise, to hope and to wallow.

i’ve been writing my own novella – a sort of personal project of mine. but it’s honestly pretty difficult. sometimes there’s an idea that you want to convey that just isn’t coming out right. or a piece missing – some emotion or action. i’m determined to get it done but on its own terms. i’m not the kind to force down a story.

so i’ve decided to get over this writer’s block by writing regular short stories – a blogpost at a time so they’re super short. but they’ll get me to continue to think, to write, to express. help me along – give me topics, titles , anything that i can write about and i’ll certainly get dirty with it. check out my old blog (http://ilovelifeinc.wordpress.com) for some of the stories I wrote – I’m not afraid.

look forward to my next story soon

ill see you soon geronimo


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